Comparing Careers

Popular Careers in Sarasota

Sarasota is a city built on tourism. Our beautiful beaches make us a hot travel destination and vacationers traveling from far and wide have a 3 billion dollar impact on our local economy. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Sarasota residents work in the tourism industry and $24,700 jobs are created through tourist spending alone. Some popular careers in hospitality include restaurants, entertainment and nightlife, microbreweries, outdoor activities and recreation, hotels, spas, and retail. Sarasota’s year-round desirability also make it a popular choice for weddings and event planning.

Tourism isn’t Sarasota’s only economic driver, however. Sarasota boasts a thriving education, arts, and financial sector. Exceptional healthcare facilities and abundant construction opportunities also support our local community.

Some professions are more common in Sarasota than they are in many other cities, including zoologists and wildlife biologists, skincare professionals, pest control specialists, ophthalmologists, tile and marble workers, and nuclear medicine technologists.

The top 5 largest employers in the Sarasota area are Publix, Sarasota County School District, Tropicana Products Inc, Bon Secours Venice Hospital, and PGT Industries.

Additionally, as ranked by SunCoast Jobs, the top medical & healthcare companies to work for are Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Doctors Hospital, Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, and Blake Medical Center. The top technology companies are Voalte and Clickbooth. The top insurance companies are FCCI Insurance Group and Northwestern Mutual. The top business solutions companies are TriNet, S-One Holdings Corporation, and Shared Services Center-Sarasota. The top real estate & home building companies are Michael Saunders & Company and Neal Communities, and the top manufacturing companies are PGT industries, Tervis, Sun hydraulics, and Tropicana Products Inc.

To discover more jobs in Sarasota, frequent the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s job board. To work for the City of Sarasota directly, click here. To explore job openings in the Sarasota County government, click here.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released some really helpful features in the past years to help students prepare for the workforce. Click on the provided links below or just head to to discover the latest job trends, research potential careers, and learn more about the professions that interest you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) can be used to search the highest paying and fastest growing jobs on the market. It also gives stats on median pay, entry-level education, and the projected number of new jobs that will be created in the future. It’s a useful tool for considering different career paths, options, and sustainability.

  • For students having difficultly navigating the OOH or who are unsure of their career interests, the Bureau’s Career Exploration feature helps translate school subjects into real-world occupations. Click on some subject matters you enjoy and discover related careers.

Career One Stop is another great resource offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. On this site, students can take self-assessments to match their innate skills and interests with potential careers. Additionally, students have access to a wide array of occupational profiles, stats, and figures. Students are encouraged to use this site to discover new careers and map out their future professional goals.

Lastly, for students interested in staying in Florida after graduation, it’s important to understand Florida’s unique job market and economy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Florida Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates Page gives employment data on every job sector in Florida. Compare your chosen career’s Florida figures with the national average to better understand the local job economy. Remember, a profession can be on the rise nationally, while still declining locally– and vice versa.