Freshman Checklist

  1. ____ Check with your school counselor to make sure your courses fit the program you wish to follow through high school and develop a Four Year Academic and Career Education Plan.
  2. ____ Attend Fall College Night at Robarts Arena.
  3. ____ If you plan on attending a four-year university in the State of Florida after graduation, remember that you will need to complete two credits of the same foreign language during your high school years.
  4. ____ Become familiar with guidance office resources.
  5. ____ Visit the website of the postsecondary institute that you are interested in attending and plan your high school studies with that college’s admission requirements in mind.
  6. ____ Begin researching your career choices and the educational requirements of your career interests.
  7. ____ Whether you are considering attending a four-year university, Suncoast Technical College (STC), or State College of Florida, learn about the scholarship opportunities that may be available to you.
  8. ____ Develop good study habits.
  9. ____ Participate in a varied program of extracurricular activities and take on leadership positions whenever possible:
    • School, community, and religious activities
    • Clubs and organizations
    • Athletics
    • Honors, honors, and recognitions
    • Volunteer/Community service activities
    • Work experience
  10. ____ Create a resume that you can update throughout high school.
  11. ____ Take computer and speech classes early in high school.
  12. ____ Make sure to create and maintain a professional email address.
  13. ____ Be mindful of posts, pictures and comments you leave on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and all other social media platforms.