Freshman Checklist

  1. Check with your school counselor to make sure your courses fit the program you wish to follow through high school and develop a Four Year Academic and Career Education Plan.
  2. Attend Fall College Night.
  3. If you plan on attending a four-year university in the State of Florida after graduation, remember that you will need to complete two credits of the same foreign language during your high school years.
  4. Become familiar with guidance office resources.
  5. Visit the website of the postsecondary institute that you are interested in attending and plan your high school studies with that college’s admission requirements in mind.
  6. Begin researching your career choices and the educational requirements of your career interests.
  7. Whether you are considering attending a four-year university, Suncoast Technical College (STC), or State College of Florida, learn about the scholarship opportunities that may be available to you. Check out the Scholarships page on this website for over 100 scholarship opportunities. Be sure you investigate the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program at If you have questions regarding this or other scholarship programs, see your school counselor.
  8. Develop good study habits.
  9. Participate in a varied program of extracurricular activities.