Sophomore Checklist

  1. All sophomores will take the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test). However, only junior year scores are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship competition, the sophomore testing gives a student a good idea of what to expect from the SAT, helps to identify strengths and weaknesses, and helps counselors and teachers advise students.
  2. Attend Fall College Night.
  3. Check with your school counselor to make sure your courses fit the program you wish to follow through high school – college prep, tech prep, or vocational.
  4. Work with your school counselor and the career advisor in order to continue with planning for work, a technical program, or college.
  5. Continue learning more about the college and career exploration internet sites available.
  6. Make sure to revise and update your Four Year postsecondary plan.
  7. Review your progress towards meeting the eligibility criteria for the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program at