U.S. Trust

Ivan F. and Ina C. LeGore Scholarship

Minimum GPA: 3


Open to current high school seniors and graduates of Sarasota County Schools who have participated in the Sailor Circus in one or more performances. Awards are restricted to expenses for tuition, room and board and are payable only to US accredited colleges and universities.

Application requires 2 letters of reference. Applicants are rated on Financial Need, Activities, Level of Participation in Sailors Circus & other acting opportunities, and 3.0 GPA.

Interested Students Must Submit The Following:

1. Completed application (SEE YOUR GUIDANCE OFFICE)
2. A Personal Essay describing their participation with the Sailors Circus
3. Copy of high school transcript. If already in college, applicant must include copy of college transcript
4. Please submit the most recent approved FAFSA
5. Applications must be postmarked by April 15th and mailed to:

U.S. Trust
Ivan F. and Ina C. LeGore Scholarship Fund
Attn: Charlene Teja
100 Westminster Street, RI1-536-05-03
Providence, RI 02903