Florida High School Athletic Association

Roger Dearing Heart of the Arts Award

Deadline: 1/13/21


Award: $1,500


This award honors individual(s) who epitomize the “Heart of the Arts.” The recipient must be an individual from a FHSAA member high school and could be any student, adult or group associated with the school’s performing arts program. This award covers a plethora of performing arts disciplines: Music, Speech, Debate, Theatre, Visual Arts and other performing arts activities that your school may sponsor. A student winner will receive a $1,500 scholarship from the FHSAA. If a teacher or school administrator win the award, their program will receive a $1,500 donation from the FHSAA.
*Requires nomination

Nomination form can be found here – https://fhsaa.com/documents/2020/9/24//2020_FHSAA_RD_HOTA_Nomination_form.doc?id=278